Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sliding door

Adam really should be writing this post. He did an incredible job creating this sliding door for our downstairs bathroom. He used sliding door track from Lowe's and some scrap lumber. He even created the stops and the thingy to keep it from being wobbly out of wood that we had. There is a tutorial floating around the Internet, but I'm pretty sure he gleaned a bit here and there to make it his own.
I accidentally stripped the door using isopropyl alcohol trying to remove latex paint from the backplate. It worked a little too well, but I love the old paint distressed look. The alcohol dried out the wood, so I oiled it before putting a tung oil finish on it. He epoxyed an old door knob on the outside and we have a simple hook latch on the inside.
We are still waiting patiently for the plumber to hook up the faucets in there, although he did set up Adam's shop up with plumbing. I asked at the very last minute to have another faucet outside so I can have a designated outdoor sink for plants or rinsing out really dirty boy clothes.
Also, I found a fantastic rug at an estate sale on Thursday for $25.00 and a beautiful cake stand for $12.00. I love a good find!

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