Monday, June 18, 2012

Outside moveable sink- Part one

We've been working on a moveable outside sink that you can hook up to an outside faucet. It needs to be lightweight, weather resistant, and inexpensive. I came up with a quick sketch based on a cast iron sink I had. I quickly realized it was incredibly heavy and I was a little bit too fond of it to donate it. Oh, my goodness that sounds so selfish! I was able to find a plastic sink with a faucet for $5.00 at Abilities Unlimited. Then I made a trip to Falk Plumbing, our local supply house. I'm happy to say they only laughed at me a bit after I explained my project. Falk and Dean Jackson plumbing helped me find what I needed and they even tested my faucet for me to make sure it works! I got a 6' washing machine hose for $6.96, a 1/2" hose adaptor for $3.30, and a 1/2" threaded cap to cap off the hot water pipe on the faucet.
Adam put together a top made out of 1x cedar left over from the house. He's going to work on it so it will be ready for the Historic Farmers market on July 3. We will be donating it so the market will have a place to wash their hands!

To be continued....