Friday, April 13, 2012


I’ve been thinking of Paris lately.  The other night Adam and I watched “Midnight in Paris” and I was enthralled with all the beautiful, cliché images of Paris.  The Paris I know from my two visits as a teenager.  Oh dear, as a teenager, I just didn’t get it then.
  I think Paris still holds a special spot for me because of several reasons.  It was the last trip my sister and I took with my father.  It was also my first glimpse of a life that existed outside my realm.  That you could eat chocolate croissants and hot chocolate for BREAKFAST and it was perfectly acceptable.  That art can exist on every corner. 
  I came back from my first trip to Paris almost embarrassed.  What 14 year old goes to Paris on Spring Break? I didn’t want to brag and carry on about the croissants, the view from the Eifel tower, the flowers, the museums (“the croissants were so buttery and warm…”) I wasn’t sure what to say really, so I totally down played it.  “Oh, you know, it was Paris, the Eiffel tower was big”.  I knew that trip was a life-changer, I just couldn’t put into words. 
  The second trip was such a whirl-wind. Montmarte, sidewalk artists, a girl that tumbled down the stairs on the Rue Foyatier, I could smack myself. 
  So, my thoughts keep returning to Paris.  I want to embrace it in my so-called adult life.  See it with grown-up eyes.  Sit and people watch by the Seine.  Eat copious amounts of chocolate croissants.  Go to the flea markets and soak it all in.  Perhaps, Milo will drive me.  

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