Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 73.....

So we are on day 73.  We have 5 wall panels left to install, lots of gables to cut and top plates to install.  Then we get to put the ridge beams in place, a couple of roof trusses above the upstairs bedrooms and then roof panels, of course.  Enough about what needs to be done!

The stairs are built!  Doors are cut (no windows yet).  Lots of materials are on site.  I had to renew the Skytrak for another month, BOO ($$$$$)!  But we need and really couldn't do what we need to do safely without it.  As promised there are some pictures below.

I really can't wait to cut the gables so it will look like a house instead of the Alamo (AdamMo)!
Our neighbors must wonder what it is exactly we are building.  Oh well.....

Architectural Salvage by Ri-Jo

I have a problem and I'm willing to admit it. I love thrifting. I am an addict. Yet, I am a peculiar addict. I love the thrill of a find more than the actual find. More often than not, I walk out without anything. I have a rule, I have to absolutely love it for me to buy it. I have to be able to visualize it in an altered state (new paint, new upholostery, etc) or it has to be almost perfect. I really don't want to fix anything anymore. (Of course, I always make exceptions and can justify anything!)

A couple of weeks ago, Jessica Morgan and I made the trek to Mena, Arkansas. Mena, fo' real. What would possess us to drive two hours to Mena? Ah, the thrill of a hunt. Specifically, Architectural Salvage by Ri-Jo. We were like two girls in a candy shop. Doors, windows, trim, beams, newel posts, sinks, iron work, door knobs, I could go on. I didn't know quite where to start and easily became overwhelmed. Here is my review of this little gem of a place!

I have several positives for the shop. 1. It was clean and organized very nicely. He treated each piece with care and obviously respected it. Items were grouped with like items and by condition. 2. Richard was very helpful, he would provide information about certain pieces and I enjoyed the fact that a lot of things had some from Hot Springs. 3. Items were clean. Enough said. 4. A great selection. A treasure trove of unique items makes it worth the trip. My only negative comment would be that none of the items are priced. If you want to know the price you have to ask. Not a big deal, but I really like to know if I can afford it before I really fall in love with it. Personally, it makes shopping more difficult in an already overwhelming place.

I ended up buying three doors and a riddling rack. Two of the doors are old 6 panel doors to be on barn door sliders. The other door is a unique three paneled door with glass. That will be our pantry door and it will be on a slider, as well. And the riddling rack came from an upstate New York winery. Oh, what's a riddling rack, you ask? Also known as a pupitres, it is a traditional way to store wine and to be able to rotate it. The picture is an example of one (borrowed from Napa Style). They had two more left...

So, if you want to visit Architectural Salvage by Ri-Jo, they are open Thursday-Saturday. It's worth the trip and I'm already planning my next trip!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 65 - 2nd floor walls.....

We got some of the second floor walls up yesterday!  I will post pictures and information about all that went on during my week off from my day job.  After 9 straight days of construction, I felt like I was getting a break to go back to normal work today.  Check back soon for the pictures of last weeks happenings.  It's really coming together!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

oh, the heat.....

It almost goes without having to say it...... It's hot. Right now our biggest obstacle is the heat and there isn't much we can do about it. Today it is 108 degrees. Who knows what the heat index is? Our roof panels are going to be delayed a few days because of the weather. It seems Noark is limited in what they can do, as well. They are sending their guys home early and the panels really need it to be cooler. The glue they use for the panels have a work time of 25 minutes (ideally) and it is so hot that the glue is setting up faster than it should, so the guys have to work fast and hard to get that panel finished before the glue sets up. I know Adam really wanted them to be here next week, but there is so much to be done before they can be installed. Like eating an elephant, one bite at a time. In our case, an overcooked, hot elephant.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 54 - 1st floor SIP walls.....

DONE!!! All 26 SIP panels on the 1st floor are in place.