Friday, April 20, 2012

Day eight with the bees.

I thought it would be fun to document the first days of having some bees in the back. So, I finally gathered my courage and got ready to go out and see and feed the bees. I really talk myself into it. I'm hoping that goes away quickly. Got dressed in white (seems I have to change colors every time, apparently I have a penchant for dark colors) and prepared the sugar water. Went out and it was raining. I know that bees stay home in the rain. I still need to feed them, so I'm going out. Wish me luck! I've got a new top feeder that I'm going to install tomorrow.
Update: back from pouring in the sugar water and observing. Today is a cool, gray drizzly day. Not much activity, so little I'm tempted to peer in. But, it is not advised. I'm surprised they haven't created supers that you can see through. Or for that matter, I'm going to be designing update and stylish beekeeping attire. I've got Adam's only collared shirt on and his only work pants that haven't ripped in numerous locations. I'm serious, to, Beekeeping is only going to become more popular and girls like me want something unlike a tyvek puffy suit. Or your husband's castoff clothing. So, as I waited ever so patiently, more and more bees were coming in. Ok, they haven't all died off in the middle of the night...

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